Peugeot RCZ 3rd Brake light repair for flickering or missing LED YM40700780

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A repair solution for the problematic Peugeot RCZ LED 3rd (central) brake light
FAULT = Flickering or missing LEDs.
PART NUMBER YM 40700780.
If you visit the dealer with this issue they class this unit as disposable and a replacement unit when you can source one costs in some cases £250 upwards.
4 Options...
Opt 1.Supply OEM Quality LEDs and resistors in a kit form for you to repair yourself (this is not a novice soldering repair by any means infact they are a right royal pain in the Ar...SEE Small GUIDE in images if unsure what is involved)
Opt 2. Supply fully assembled PCB insert (all you need to do is cut open light ,desolder 2 wires ,Then resolder wires to new PCB and fit as removed. 
Opt 3. Send me your light I will carry out repair using a new PCB insert, and return via Special delivery, Turnaround is usually 72hrs.
Opt 4. For those that need the car on a daily basis and it may not be practicle to send me your light ...Occasionally I have stock of reconditioned lights, These are good clean used units that have been opened up ,Had a new insert fitted and then sealed back up ready to fit.
If you wish to return your light to me after fitting I will refund £50* (*while light does not need to work and actual casing and  lense must be in good saleable condition with no chips/star cracks or scratches for this refund to apply).
NOTE: If opting for option 3 or 4 please choose special delivery mail option.

My guarantee to you.

"In the unlikely event unit cannot be repaired I will ship back at my own cost and refund you in full".

12 month warranty on all repair work