Peugeot 308 RCZ etc motorised sat nav screen replacement cable

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Peugeot 308 RCZ etc motorised sat nav screen replacement cable

Is your Peugeot / Alfa motorised screen 
flickering / Mixing or bleeding colours incorrectly? If the answer is YES then please read on.
If you visit the dealer with this issue they will usually class this unit as disposable and replacement can cost £1800+ VAT + labour ,When in fact it is usually down to a worn cable that is easy enough to replace.
Some part numbers of the screens below for ref but this cable fits all motorised screen of this model type.

CrazyLEDs over the last 36 months has become the name to trust with repair of these units.

Customers include car dealerships / traders not to mention enthusiast owners clubs.
And while I also offer a fitting service I have tried to develop a repair kit that is easy for DIYers
who do not wish or are too busy to mess on sending their unit to Crazy LEDs for repair.

This sale is for a New 900mm cable replacement (plugs are reconditioned with new cable) for ALL Peugeot /Alfa sat nav systems with an angled plug in the rear of the head unit as shown.
There are 2 types of plug that fit in the rear of the head unit (left hand and right hand) if your unsure please pop us a pic of your Black plug that fits into your headunit and we will advise which you require.
We have an easy colour step by step guide via email on request showing how to fit (view in images to get an idea what is involved)

How does it work?
Simply click the BUY IT NOW and I will send the correct cable to you to fit (full guide available showing how easy this cable is to fit ,takes minimal skill and around half an hour of your time start to finish)

Once fitted and happy pop your old broken cable back in the mail no matter what its condition is as long as the plugs are OK I will refund £35 off the purchase price as a PEX NO MESS NO FUSS,If the cable does not fix your issue then simply return for a guaranteed FULL REFUND you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Basic tools required are
T15 Torx screwdriver to remove the nav unit
Radio pins for headunit
T10 Torx for side bracket
Some models also need T8 torx to remove metal cage above the cable.
Small dremmel cutting disc to cut small section of plastic 

I also offer a drop in fitting service (Location SR8 Durham) please contact me for more details.

2yr warranty